Magic Mirror Photo Booth

It’s a photo booth. It’s a mirror. It’s both!

If you want to make your special day absolutely unforgettable, rent the Magic Mirror photo booth. This is truly the go-to booth for important events like weddings, milestone birthdays and bar mitzvahs.
The all-mirror front comes with a beautiful sculpted frame – this booth really brings the “WOW” factor. 

The Magic Mirror booth sets up just about anywhere.

The portable design allows the both to use space efficiently, meaning that we can help you chose the perfect spot for the photo booth.

It only takes a couple minutes for our onsite operator to get ready. That’s when the fun really begins!
The user-friendly screen is fully interactive and includes features like games, animations, and
green-screen illustrations.

Celebrate your day with a photo booth.

The Magic Mirror photo booth is more than just a camera. A colorful photo countdown lets you
know when it’s showtime. Touch-based photo signing lets guests write their names or a heartfelt
note. And emoji stamping lets guests show their wild side.
It wouldn’t be a photo both without a beauty filter – it gives pictures just the right amount of
glam. You’ll look fantastic!


The Magic Mirror photo booth also features an augmented reality feature. We can help you insert
virtual selfie partners like the bride and groom, different celebrities or cartoon characters. If
you’re feeling really creative, we can include or even 3D objects, virtual signs or renderings of
your new product, perfect for a product launch.


Don’t like the photo you took? Recapture your good side with the photo retake feature.
Of course the Magic Mirror photo booth takes pictures. But did you know it can record videos, too?
Now you can take your photo-booth game to the next level. Create GIFs and Instagram
boomerangs that are ready for sharing.


The Magic Mirror photo booth also features a number of on-screen games to make picture taking even more interesting. Test your concentration with a classic shell game, square off with a friend over a game of tic-tac-toe, or find out who’s got the fastest reflexes over a game of Pong.

But that’s not all… This Mirror photo booth also features interactive animations. Try spinning the wheel of fortune to see what selfie you’ll take. Or, see who at the party has the loudest pipes
with our screaming contest. Finally, you can ‘cash out’ by spinning the interactive slot machine.

Share made simple


After your photo is taken, we’ll give you your choice of print – color, black and white, or both – on a 2”x6” photo strip or 4”x6” photo postcard.
And it’s never been easier to get your photos – plus, we make social media sharing a snap.
All in all, the  Magic Mirror photo booth is a smart choice for corporate events.
With the booth’s sophisticated look, it’s fun, interactive filters and green screen options, this
booth is sure to please the whole party. Bring the fun. Commemorate your day!